Who we are, our vision and core values


We are young, enthusiastic team excited about the latest communication and data technologies. It is our passion to create awareness of these new technologies and to help companies apply these new and innovative solutions in their business process.

Mission statement

Mission of Inteliments is to enable companies to acquire, store and analyze data from devices, sensors and machines in realtime in order to optimize production and business processes, reduce costs and make effective decisions.


We strive to be seen as a robust and reliable partner for the integrated data management solutions.

We believe in simplicity through effectively designed concepts.

We are constantly focusing on innovation.

We aim for the deep collaboration and openness with our technology partners.

We don’t hesitate to explore new challenging opportunities.

Core Values

  • Innovation
    If there is not a solution available, we help you to invent one.
  • Transparency
    We are open minded company. Trust goes with transparency to each other.
  • Human approach
    In the end it is all about people. The human interaction with our solutions is one of the facts we certainly keep in mind while designing it.
  • Ready for the future
    Moore's law, Big Data boom, technology trends are inevitably shaping our future. We anticipate on the challenge of the future.