We would like to welcome you to the "Internet of things - chance and call for inovative companies" seminar organized by the Technology Centre of the CAS. Inteliments will talk about the "Responsibility of a data platform in IoT", our InteliGlue platform, benefits, why to use InteliGlue and what features InteliGlue has for companies.

The Technology Centre of the CAS supports the participation of the Czech Republic in the European Research Area, prepares analytical and conceptual studies for research and development, performs international technology transfers and supports the creation and development of innovation businesses.

When: 24th November 2016 9:00 - 13:00
Where: Technology Centre of the CAS, Ve Struhach 1076/27 160 00 Prague 6
Seminar will be at czech language

Internet of things - chance and call for inovative companies program